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Bull hostile to small towns? Yet the big city is not the answer - Bull disapproves of the big city doctor, and his esoteric scientific knowledge and fancy car - and so Bull, when he leaves, leaves for another small town.

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Hoping to ensnare the socially prominent Arthur Russell, she pretends to be rich and sophisticated, first at a dance and then at a calamitous family dinner. Arthur learns of this pretense, but by then he has fallen for her, as she had for him, and the movie closes with their embrace.

In the more tangy novel, Alice does not catch Prince Charming, but rather ends up registering at a secretarial school. The small town of South Renford, Indiana, is riven with class fissures, and Alice, snobbier than the rich, seems driven by class envy. Like Dr. Bull, Alice is an individualist, who does not fit well in a confining small town. But unlike him, she is no model of integrity nor is she concerned about the welfare of the community. Instead, she seems a romantic narcissist, who might well have encountered the same difficulties had she lived in a big city.

Though there is little evidence against him, the townsfolk gradually become irrationally convinced of his guilt and, in a mob frenzy, they set fire to the jail, joyfully watch it burn, and finally dynamite it, believing the prisoner has perished. He escapes, though, and it develops that there is a newsreel of the event that can be used to try the perpetrators.

It just leaves a bad taste. Much more typical and popular were Young Mr. Proverbially honest, down-to-earth charming, a self-made man who still cherishes his roots, Lincoln is the perfect small town product: the uncommon common man.

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The fences are white picket, the streets are tree lined, the porches have swings. The Aaron Copland music underscores the warm rhythms of the community. George and Emily are followed as they grow from childhood playmates to romantic couple to blissful husband and wife. Then, abruptly, Emily dies in childbirth, George is devastated, and from beyond the grave Emily pleads to return to earth, if only for a single day her twelfth birthday - a wish that is granted to her regret, as she grieves over how the living thoughtlessly squander their brief time on earth.

How tragic that we seem constituted to pass our days mindless of our inestimable gift of life though could we ever accomplish anything if always bedazzled by the miracle of being alive? This was emphatically not what Sherwood Anderson, one of the great chroniclers of small town life, found from his travels in the Midwest and South. I failed. Nor did small town movies feature the Hopperesque storefronts of Walker Evans Agee and Evans or other iconic representations of social failure and despair.

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Thus, in bypassing the Depression, most small town movies may be called escapist just as surely as the Indiana Jones or Star Trek adventures of another time. Based on the Pulitzer Prize winning novel by Booth Tarkington , the movie tells the story of a beautiful heiress, Isabel Amberson, and her family. Isabel rejects fun loving Eugene in favor of stuffy, conventional Wilbur because Eugene had gotten drunk and embarrassed her at a party. At the same time, the family fortune is dissipated, and Eugene, by now prosperous and a widower himself, attempts to reunite with Isabel.

Disgusted by their second chance romance, George manipulates his mother into rejecting Eugene, ruining her opportunity for happiness. So passive is the family that it barely qualifies as spectators at its own decline. Subtly and indirectly, the movie explores the consequences of the socioeconomic forces that displace the old aristocracy with the new ambitious bourgeoisie in the name of progress. A good town to live in, and a good place to raise your children.

The traditional ideals of health, harmony, and community are trumped by the actuality of neurosis and psychosis. Nor is money the answer: nearly all the characters are from the upper classes, and one is insane, another dies from cancer, a third is poisoned by her father who then shoots himself , a fourth is a sadistic surgeon, and a fifth is a crooked banker. Kings Row belongs to the genre of the mean spirited small town, like the vastly superior novels Winesburg, Ohio by Sherwood Anderson and An American Tragedy by Theodore Dreiser.

His father recently dead and his brother off to war, year old Homer Macauley takes a job as messenger boy at the telegraph office. His coming of age is detailed in a series of vignettes involving his straight talking but kind boss, his alcoholic but sweet telegraph operator, and assorted other characters. The town is so pretty, all the people are so friendly and good, so eager to share what they have and help those in need, so much in love with their country and willing to sacrifice for it — this is an idealized America emphatically worth fighting for.

Set in a Midwestern town adjusting to the end of World War II, the film focuses on three very different GIs returning home: a slum raised soda jerk who comes home a captain to his adulterous wife, a bank president who comes home a sergeant to his perfect and beautiful family, and a middle class boy who comes home a sailor with both hands destroyed to his girl friend.

Notwithstanding their differences, all three have in common years away from home at war and serious anxiety about resuming old relationships and reconstructing their lives. What they find is that people, for the most part, want to do the right thing, but circumstances, habit, or ignorance often overwhelm these efforts.

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Here's an unusual money-saving strategy: move to a small town. Learn some of the reasons why small towns are great, budget-friendly places to live. The city may have lots of excitement, but living in small town in the country just can't be beat. Here's why.

Small town bromides, even when honestly believed, may be cruelly insufficient. In the end, the three struggling veterans find jobs where they hope to build their future, but their success is by no means assured. As a character in a novel set in a postwar small town declared, its residents are. We had just beaten the Germans and the Japanese in a fair fight.

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The positive stereotype was louder, but the negative did not go unheard. When the housekeeper quietly leaves town, the girl begins to try to make friends by speaking to a new girl in the neighborhood and by dressing more girlishly. Yet if this suggests that the point is that the road to happiness is conformity, the movie really argues the reverse: that communities oppress those who are different by denying them membership, and that small communities may be the most oppressive because they offer so few alternatives.

Picnic sees a handsome drifter arriving at a small town to start anew, and encountering a number of sexually repressed women, who regard him as the answer to their prayers. At the end, he and the prettiest girl each leave town to meet at far off Tulsa. Will they actually get together?

watch Will their union prove happy and lasting? The implication is yes, but the pervasive loneliness and depression that hang over the first portion of the movie necessarily raises doubts. Peyton Place is a postcard pretty New Hampshire town, marred by guilt and shame, hostile rumors and sanctimonious duplicity.

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There are two kinds of people, Metalious has a character say:. Those who manufactured and maintained tedious and expensive shells, and those who did not. Those who did lived in constant terror lest the shells of their own making crack open to display the weakness that was underneath, and those who did not were either crushed or toughened. The Stampers, with wealth and position from the family oil business, are dominated by the father, Ace; the Loomises, who own a modest grocery, are dominated by Mrs. At the end Bud and Deanie meet again, each by this time freed from the romanticism that blighted their earlier years.

Small town social pressure, the film teaches, may not only generate conformity in minor behaviors, but may also be internalized and do battle with the most fundamental of social and biological urges. What is also distinctive, of course, is its racial history of slavery, racial terrorism, and segregation.

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It is the tension between the heritage of oppression and reveries of harmony and grandeur that has shaped how movies have represented the Southern small town. The story-book columns and grand staircases dominated the antebellum period, and have really never gone out of fashion.

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More articles. With its evergreen hills and virgin forests, this town attracts tourist from far and wide. You may know all your classmates, but you know them a little too well. And manure smells like home true story. There are indeed more job openings in big cities , which cover all sorts of fields and sectors. Chances are, you're going to drive around when you're bored.

Yet they not only signified haut civilisation and material success, but also sought to legitimize slavery by expressing an affinity with wondrous, slave-based ancient Greece and Rome. If the Greek revival plantation mansion remains the preeminent cinematic icon of the Old South, as in Gone with the Wind , Greek revival court houses are not far behind, and they were the most heavily symbolic places in many small towns and in the movies set there.

Before the civil rights era, these buildings represented white supremacy without embarrassment, reservation, or fear of contradiction. Set in small town Kentucky in , the film follows salt-of-the-earth Judge William Pittman Priest, whose integrity and compassion threaten to defeat his reelection efforts by leading him to say and do politically unpopular things. Of course, he wins reelection, thwarting a lynching and joining a funeral march for a prostitute — in the process, engulfing the town in a sweetness that tosses together Confederate and Union veterans, prostitutes and upright merchants, would-be lynchers and a black church.

Ford unaccountably considered this perhaps the favorite of all his movies. Here, in a respected lawyer and pillar of the Maycomb, Alabama establishment defends a black man charged with raping a white woman, the critical scenes taking place within a prototypical Southern court house. In denouncing the racism damaging his client, the lawyer is viewed by some of his neighbors as a traitor; despite his best efforts the man is apparently unjustly convicted; seeking to escape, he is shot by the police.

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Following in this spirit, In the Heat of the Night , set thirty years later, brings a slick black detective from Philadelphia down to stereotypically peckerwood Sparta, Mississippi to help the local redneck sheriff solve a murder. At odds at the beginning, they ultimately come to like and respect each other, and work together to solve the crime. A small town can bring out good will even among the most unlikely adversaries. Its theme of a newcomer gulling small towners was hardly new. The Music Man , however, was far more popular than these. Yet when they discover that they have been bamboozled, they want to tar and feather him.

The sting of the attack is blunted at the culminating town meeting, however, where the small town values of decency and community are reaffirmed. Rather, in the movies, the small town now was frequently an occasion of pity. More recently, this theme was echoed in Last Night at the Lobster [], a novel depicting the closing of a Red Lobster restaurant in down-at-the-heels New Britain, Connecticut.