An End To The Means

The economy is a means to an end
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  • Dr Jitendra Singh said that education can be a means to learn the skills or to groom the inner talent to gain employment, but education without skill or without talent may not per se help an individual to become employable.

    He also said that education can help a person to become a better citizen through the study of scriptures and books of social or moral relevance, but education, per se, alone may not make an individual socially relevant, he added. He said that the end is far beyond and the journey to reach the end is continuous and education is like a road on which this journey is to be undertaken.

    Complimenting the faculty and students of Jamia Milia for being a part of one of the most cherished universities of India, Dr. Jitendra Singh said that besides Jamia Milia there are only two or three other universities in the country which were not established as a part of a planned state or corporate initiative, but were a result of passion of certain individuals who were committed to prove that they could make it, notwithstanding all other constraints.

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    Despite everything that happened between Peter and Joy, he still refuses to accept the fact that their relationship was just a means to an end for her. Origin This phrase is traced back to the field of Economics.

    Idiom of the Day double whammy double whammy Meaning: situation where two bad things happen at the same time double blow or setback. Latest Idioms anything but square peg in a round hole hit or miss silver lining in the air. Like Facebook Page.

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    a means to an end meaning: 1. something that you do because it will help you to achieve something else: 2. something you do. Learn more. something done only to produce a desired result For her, marrying a rich man was just a means to an end. All she really cared about was money.

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