Bricks of Truth: a book of aphorisms

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Consider the momentous event in architecture when the wall parted and the column became. Architecture Wall Event Column. How precious a book is in light of the offering, in the light of the one who has the privilege of this offering.

What are ... Proverbs, Sayings, Aphorisms, Idioms, Puns, etc.

Thus has this great mother of the sciences been degraded most unworthily to the situation of a handmaid, and made to wait upon medicine or mathematical operations, and to wash the immature minds of youth, and imbue them with a first dye, that they may afterward be more ready to receive and retain another. If you don't, you'll find an excuse. In the meantime, let no one expect any great progress in the sciences especially their operative part , unless natural philosophy be applied to particular sciences, and particular sciences again referred back to natural philosophy. Scott Peck. Once we receive your order we verify it, complete invoicing and prepare your item s before we dispatch them from our Sydney warehouse. The fifth her bedroom carved in bright stone, blossoms falling from her hair. The axioms now in use are derived from a scanty handful, as it were, of experience, and a few particulars of frequent occurrence, whence they are of much the same dimensions or extent as their origin.

The library tells you of this offering. Light You Library Book. I try to create homes, not houses. Try Create Houses Homes. Architecture struck me between the eye and the eyeball.

Me Architecture Eye Between. The first thing that an architect must do is to sense that every building you build is a world of its own, and that this world of its own serves an institution. You World Building Own. If people want to see Beaux-Arts, it's fine with me.

Bricks of Truth: A Book of Aphorisms

I'm interested in good architecture as anybody else. Good Me People Architecture. What does a house want to be? Want House Does.

The street is a room by agreement. Street Room Agreement.

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But there are also writers producing work with a distinctively online mindset. Among the more prominent—and professional—Twitterary practitioners is Eric Jarosinski, a former professor of German literature and philosophy at the University of Pennsylvania. He is the writer behind Nein. Quarterly, a Twitter account complete with an avatar that is a cartoonish mock up of Theodor Adorno, a critical theorist, wearing a monocle.

In , Mr Jarosinski jettisoned a book on the concept of transparency in politics and architecture, and the tenured job that would have come with it, to take to Twitter full time, composing primarily on his smartphone. Many of his tweets read like 19th century philosophical aphorisms.

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This short, but substantive, form is long established, but Mr Jarosinski produces them with a knowing 21st century slant, a snarky, dour yet humorous tone for a millennial zeitgeist. He plays on current events, romantic German metaphysics and sarcasm. Of us all. Behind the seemingly irreverent Tweets lies complex thinking about how to address the audience.

see url In such limited space, pacing, punctuation and voice have added relevance. Whereas poets may debate where to place a line break or a novelist questions how best to organise stories into chapters, a writer on Twitter thinks carefully about where to place a comma, or whether a semi-colon might work better. Tweets are generally encountered as a reader scrolls through a stream of disparate messages that can include breaking news, trolling, the latest humorous meme and a message from a friend about where to meet up later that night.

For true Twitterature, tempo and tone must match to make Tweets stand out—and up—on their own. To break the dreams behind the glass. Among Francophones, Mr Frechette who deploys a variety of online personas including the shadowy Pierre-Paul Pleau and a group of poets have taken to Twitter to revive haiku and other ultra-brief poetry. Mieux vaudrait rester neutre. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser.

With this observation, Kenneth Rotar introduces his collection of aphorisms. In , when he was nine months old, doctors diagnosed him with spinal muscular atrophy, a form of muscular dystrophy. Though it was unlikely that he would survive past his teen years, he has lived a full life with many roles e. He has steadily lost nearly all of his muscles and can now barely move his limbs or digits; nonetheless, he completed this book of philosophy at the age of In it, he unabashedly shares his unique perspective on diverse topics such as morality, religion, politics, education, social issues, and life.

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