December Deadly Dolls (The Xara Smith Mysteries by Bill McGrath Book 12)

December Deadly Dolls - A Xara Smith Mystery
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He is married and has raised three daughters and a son. Now that you have bought this book he will also claim that he is an Author. Words: 21, Language: English.

Bill McGrath

Published: August 15, Did we evolve from apes? Or is it possible that humans first arrived on Earth another way? This story was written as science fiction. It shows one fun little possible scenario for Martians colonizing earth with its first humans.

Maybe this truly is science fiction or maybe it is very early history Words: 32, Published: March 21, This book is related to the Xara Smith Mystreies, but it is not a crime story. It is the story leading up to and including Xara's wedding to her Girlfriend Jana Little. Please enjoy it as what it was meant to be, a glimpse into the private life of the tall, bumbling, social misfit, lesbian, detective, Xara Smith. Words: 50, Published: December 12, Female private investigator Xara Smith of Texas gets the most unlikely of clients.


Little ten year old Samantha Dover wants to hire a detective to help find her missing friend. Xara, tries her best to find the missing girl while also trying to protect little Samantha. The scene where the drug dealer is interrogated is pretty rough and not suitable for younger or more sensitive readers. Published: October 31, Trouble soon starts when residents at the Castle seem to be dying off at an alarming rate. On Christmas eve what snack is placed for Santa? Mince Pies b. Cookies c. Sweets Who is supposed to open the first Christmas Gift? The oldest b.

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What gifts were presented to baby Jesus? What Christmas song includes "Glory to the newborn king"? What does the white in the candy cane represent? Miracle on 34th Street What is the name of the Christmas snowman? Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh a. Hark the Herald Angel Sing a. Snow a. Simon b. Laptop, Xbox and Camera b. Santa's beard b. Frosty c. Candy, Tree decorations and Wine c. We Three Kings c. Purity of Christ c. Lightly butter a hole pie or patty tin.

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