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‘Play Gloria’: How the St. Louis Blues got their victory song from a night in a Philadelphia bar
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But the healing, Gloria remembered, had been a year-long agony. She did give me the power of decision about the stents for when she was unconscious, but her wishes about open-heart surgery were clear. Two days later we arrived at the hospital: eight in the morning. That meant someone was having a heart attack, right now.

He or she got the first operation. That was right and proper, they were at risk of dying but still it increased the nerve-wracking delay.

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Gloria is not over-burdened with patience. We often say, when they were passing out patience, she had no time to wait for it. I want them well-fed and rested! Now, they would not even give her ice chips. Thirst became a burning desire, made more as she is a diabetic. This was strange, because she had just been. Gloria tried to talk her out of it, saying she had been using the restroom on her own for quite a while now.

I read out loud from a Maigret mystery book by Simenon, a wonderful author. But it was over too fast.

His books are short, and I only had a few chapters to read. But whenever I stopped talking, I felt the fear closing in. As far as I could tell, Gloria was not visibly concerned about dying. She told me to put my head down on the bedrail beside her, and take a nap. I tried, but the bar was cold, and nightmare scenarios kept playing in my mind.

What would I do without her?

See Inside Gloria Vanderbilt's Childhood Home

We were best friends for half a century, and we still played cards every night. I deliberately made stupid moves one after another, but it was almost impossible not to win. I managed to lose somehow, and she laughed her laugh of sheer delight. I knew I could physically survive without her, eating pizza and cold cereal. Once, I stopped an air plane for her. She had been visiting my sister Patty.

I was home on leave from the Army.

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Gloria was with a boyfriend. But when I saw her, I felt a sensation like growling inside me. I physically stepped between her and the boyfriend, and turned my back on him. Somehow Gloria and I ended up in the same car heading for the airport, while the boyfriend rode with my mother. The boyfriend put out his arms.

Through a glass window in a door, I saw a jet slowly moving down the runway. I leaped over a velvet rope, opened the door and ran out on the tarmac, fast as I could, Running beside the accelerating airplane, hoping it was the right one, I shouted like a madman. A tiny face appeared at a window.

I waved. The face went away.

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At age 17, Vanderbilt dropped out of high school in order to marry the talent agent "Pat" DiCicco against the wishes of her aunt who had served as Vanderbilt's guardian growing up. DiCicco, a cousin of famous James Bond producer Albert Broccoli, worked as an agent and film producer and was rumored to be connected with the mafia. He had previously been married to the film star Thelma Todd, also known as "The Ice Cream Blonde," who starred alongside Buster Keaton and the Marx Brothers in more than films and shorts.

click Todd died under unusual circumstances the year after her divorce from DiCicco, shortly after an altercation with him. Though some speculated that DiCicco had murdered Todd, he was never charged with the crime and the death was ruled accidental. DiCicco was reportedly a hot-tempered man, and Vanderbilt later said that he was both physically and emotionally abusive to her during their marriage. Vanderbilt met her second husband while she was still married to her first.

A world-famous conductor, the English-born Stokowski was more than 40 years Vanderbilt's senior when they met, but that didn't stop them from swiftly falling in love. In Vanderbilt divorced DiCicco and married Stokowski, bearing him two children over the course of their ten-year marriage.

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Gloria Vanderbilt was considered the last daughter of the America's Gilded Age. The heir to the Vanderbilt railroad fortune, she spent most of. Anderson Cooper, Wyatt Cooper, Carter Cooper and Gloria Vanderbilt in their Manhattan apartment, June Photographed by Annie.

Though Stokowski, who among his other accolades conducted the symphonies for the Disney film Fantasia , encouraged Vanderbilt's artistic pursuits, he also kept her socially isolated and Vanderbilt became unhappy after a time. Following a short fling with Frank Sinatra when she was 30, Vanderbilt ultimately decided to divorce Stokowski in Despite the romance with Sinatra—Vanderbilt would remain friends with the singer to the end of his life—it was not the crooner who became her third husband.

That title instead went to acclaimed American film director Sidney Lumet in Lumet, who directed such famous films as Serpico and D og Day Afternoon , was a change of pace from Stokowski—a man her own age, with an interest that Vanderbilt shared in film and performance. When the two divorced seven years later, they remained on good terms. Vanderbilt met the man whom she considered the love of her life, author and screenwriter Wyatt Cooper, in Together they raised Vanderbilt's two sons with Stokowski and had two of their own.

I'd never experienced anything like it. Unfortunately the wedded bliss was cut short when Copper, after a series of heart attacks, died suddenly during heart surgery in at the age of Vanderbilt never remarried—a particular statement of devotion from a woman who had spent the better part of 40 years in one marriage or another.

Everything Anderson Cooper Has Said About His Relationship with 'Amazing' Mom Gloria Vanderbilt

For several decades following Cooper's death Vanderbilt continued to prefer to be known, in private, as Mrs. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. What Is the Official Drink of Summer Her Children Leopold Stanislaus Stokowski. Taylor Hill Getty Images. View this post on Instagram. Jim Spellman Getty Images. Vanderbilt married Hollywood producer and talent agent Pat DiCicco when she was Keystone Getty Images. Ben Martin Getty Images. Vanderbilt married iconic film director Sidney Lumet in Bettmann Getty Images. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.

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