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Most intriguing of these variations on fantasy steampunk is the method of associating both the hours of the day with the major gods, and the areas of the map with the hours of the day.

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Religion suggests that this makes certain times and places more suitable for certain tasks. However — unlike many novels where the gods are openly present — different characters hold these beliefs more or less strongly, counteracting the reduction of free will that active deities can bring. Although the image of expensive sherry fits well with a god of wealth, it is potentially too comical for the gritty feel of the rest of the novel; a niggle made more prominent by the other gods not having the same immediately referential names.

In addition to creating a complex and interesting world, Hyndman successfully provides the reader with enough about it to understand the wider picture without losing the immediacy of events beneath long expositions and asides.

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The plot is similarly solid. While it is firmly heroes-saving-the-world fantasy it avoids the distance from which epic fantasy can suffer.

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This novel is the first in a series, so the major plot remains outstanding at the end. As such, while it might leave the reader wanting to read on, it feels like a complete book rather than the first section of a part-work.

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Major Mischief - A Steampunk Fantasy Romance Novella - Kindle edition by Michelle Kopra. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or. DOWNLOAD OR READ: MAJOR MISCHIEF A STEAMPUNK FANTASY ROMANCE NOVELLA PDF EBOOK EPUB. MOBI. Page 1.

Janet makes a strong and sympathetic protagonist. Her dislike of the gods drives her to succeed, yet is also an obstacle when she meets them. Her upbringing has left her with a narrow view of the world, yet also given her an instinctive adaptability. Forced to be adult before her time, but too young to have real perspective, her actions are both flawed and entirely plausible.

This dynamic balance is especially skilled in the gods: displaying an intensity befitting the physical embodiment of a concept, they nevertheless have the resonance of personality displayed by the deities of any pantheon in the real world.

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For now at least. Her next project is planning, plotting and writing a novel.

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When not writing, she sniffs old books indiscriminately, fingers hardback spines with aplomb, and does dirty things between the stacks. She comes from Portland, Oregon. Lily Harlem is an award winning, multi-published author of erotic romance and erotica. She lives in the UK and since giving up a career in nursing has been widely published on both sides of the Atlantic.

Her stories are made up of colourful characters travelling on everyone's favourite journey, falling in love, and with the bedroom door left well and truly open readers are warned to hang on for the ride, or rides as the case might be. More information about Lily and her sexy stories can be found below. Hartnett began writing erotica upon receiving what, at the time, she considered very bad advice from a career counselor. Her passion has to be lived in secret. Open the pages, and she will lead you deep inside her beloved darkness.

But maybe you have met Senta already. Maybe you hear her soft voice in your dreams, maybe she is sitting right next to you on the Underground. And maybe you, yourself, are Senta in the shadows.

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Her work is in numerous anthologies and short story collections and magazines. She is currently working on another short story collection with JMS Books as well as her first novel titled, Sexual Deception which is due for release in December. Viva Jones is the London-born author of several erotic short stories which invariably combine sex and sensuality with a dash of humour. Her stand-alone erotic romance Happy Endings was published by Xcite.

When not writing she loves cooking and gardening, and is really rather respectable.

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Elenya Lewis is from South West England. She has been writing since she was very young but has been more prolific since she discovered National Novel Writing Month in She enjoys writing anything from flash fiction to novels and genres from literary to high fantasy. Her interest in writing erotica was ignited largely by a dislike of the way sex is handled in fantasy fiction but grew into a way of understanding and expressing her emerging sexuality.

Her other passions in life include sewing, sock monkeys and going to the seaside. When these can be combined with writing erotic fiction, so much the better. Ashley Lister is a prolific writer of erotic fiction, having written more than two dozen full length erotic novels and over a hundred short stories. Aside from writing, Ashley teaches creative writing and has hosted creative writing workshops at Eroticon, the annual conference for sex bloggers and erotica writers.

Ashley lives in the north west of England. Her stand-alone erotic paranormal story Soul Bumping was also published by Xcite.

Sorensen ,and "Erotica royalty Sommer currently writers erotica and erotic romance full-time from her east coast home. The wine-swigging, dachshund-owning, wannabe runner author's work runs the gamut from bondage to zombies to humor. Sommer's short works can be found in well over one hundred and counting erotic anthologies including the Best Women's Erotica series and multiple Mischief collections. Her short stories have also been included in numerous adult and romance magazines - both in print and online. Maxine Marsh is a writer from a very wet and very hot part of Florida. She is attracted to themes of marginality, the horrific, the weird, and of course, the sexy. For her cougar tale "Get Up! Stand Up! All three have been translated into German. Medea Mor loves language in all its forms.

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She has lived in four countries and studied about a dozen languages. She recently took up writing erotica, and has so far had short stories published by Cleis, Xcite and Mischief. Aishling Morgan is perhaps the most diverse and imaginative of all modern erotic authors, with thirty-one books and many short stories exploring an extraordinary range of themes, from the classic scenarios of power play, through highly exotic sex to situations for which the word bizarre fails to do justice.

Aishling is a story teller at heart and deliveries intricate plots and fascinating characters to entertain the reader and make the sex spicier still. Always unpredictable, often funny, sometimes cruel or dark, Aishling Morgan stories appeal to the true aficionado of erotica.

Mina Murray is an Antipodean, whisky aficionado and smut-peddler, who can often be found with her head in a book. Mina loves visitors, so do drop by. She loves experimenting in the kitchen just as much as she loves experimenting on paper.