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No two domains are ruled equally, but all observe the Traditions. Failure to do so would incur the wrath of the Camarilla, the neighboring domains or even those within the domain. The Traditions are:. The Sabbat rejects the notions of humanity, but they still needed a way to keep the Beast in check. To this end they invented the Roads of Enlightenment, which is known to some fans as the Roads of Edgelightenment. These inhuman alternatives often justify things like murder, torture, self-mutilation and other such extremes as a way to keeping your act together, albeit with justifications Path of Metamorphosis emphasizes evolution via pain to justify torturing captives with Vicissitude, and Path of Night forbids killing of innocents but allows killing of evil mortals to "harvest their sin".

That doesn't mean all Sabbat are complete monsters; some Roads of Enlightenment tell the vampire not to murder humans for kicks. A very few of their founders are even on good terms with Humanity, like the Malkavian Vasantasena.

When the Masquerade Ends, Unmasked Evil Stands Open and Proud.

In theory, the Sabbat are still on their mission to destroy the Antediluvians in order to save the world. In reality And not just that in reality most of them don't really care about the Antediluvians or their machinations as long as they can slaughter and torture humans for fun, and commit as many atrocities as possible while maintaining a semblance of righteousness. Made even more solid when the only decent Sabbat, the Path of Harmony followers, getting exterminated around the time of Revised Sabbat Books were published, and the "Ritae", traditional pastimes of Sabbat aren't making it any easier: some of them reek of individual bravery, such as Fire Dance which is pretty badass by itself but most are usually sick contests of how to skin humans alive, enslave two humans and make them fight each other to death for lulz, regularly hang captured humans from a ceiling, drink them dry and bathe in their blood For a sect that seems to "ignore humans or deem them beneath their notice", it raises a bit of a flags in mature roleplayers' minds.

Even funnier is that the Sabbat openly wants to rule the world and subjugate the human race. Which is not very likely: not only is Sabbat territory limited to Latin America, most part of Canada, Spain and the poorer parts of the United States with no grasp on any country's mortal militaries Ventrue dominates the US Army, which is the mightiest war machine on the planet , they also have to compete with the other supernatural powers of the World of Darkness.

Pentex is everywhere and is their prime competition for who can be the most cartoonishly evil and the Technocracy has fingers in every pie and is advanced enough to explore other star systems, make Terminators on the side and was able to ONE-SHOT Zapathasura when he awoke using space mirrors and magical nukes and that was only a fraction of the Technocracy's full power, while the ENTIRE Ravnos clan plus the Kuei-jin fought the dude for a night and a day while the Sabbat's only contribution to that fight was pinning down their Ravnos pack mates and keeping them from joining their Antediluvian.

And all that is discounting the Garou, Kuei-Jin, Hunters, Changelings, Mummies, the Traditions and the Crafts, the Fallen and the Earthbound, Malfeans that are the size of Godzilla and can sweep entire cities clean and The Sabbat could have been a dark mirror of Camarilla, but in the modern nights they are little more than a swarm of borderline insane monsters autistically raging to beat imaginary monsters while committing atrocities beyond measure. But that's not all.


The Sabbat claim that the Camarilla are Antediluvian puppets ignoring the Masquerade as they see fit, and that only they are able to destroy the 11 remaining Antediluvians in order to save the world. In practice, the Sabbat is almost exactly like the Camarilla that they claim to hate. The Sabbat's inner circle, the True Black Hand, is directly serving the Antediluvians , they have their own Masquerade the Lasombra vampires pay out Mexican authorities to ignore them, ghoul families particularly Zantosa clean up messes, and the Tzimisce pretend to not be vampires in their domains in the old world , and instead of being a beacon of freedom it's a tyrannical shithole whose mortal population would go extinct in a single week if the Sabbat could openly do what they want; even their vampires aren't "free", they are blood bound to their packmates in mental slavery Which is the very thing they swore to end.

And those two Antediluvians that the Sabbat killed? They're not dead. Lasombra used his own diablerization in order to unshackle his soul from his body and enter the Abyss: he is now trying to merge with it.

Meanwhile, Tzimisce has gone through a whole deal of stuff and is now currently a massive growth of flesh in the sewers of New York, biding its time. So, good going there, Sabbat. Because the Sabbat is filled to the brim with assholes, edgelords, and other creepy fucks, early Sabbat leadership realized that they'd need a code to keep the whole bunch of them fuckers in line. As such, the Code of Milan was penned and ratified to get at least some sense of coherency without betraying the founding principles of the Sabbat.

The statutes are:. This revision added three addenda to the Code, which are to be upheld in the same way as the original 13 are:. In the Modern Nights, they have the spirit of the first Anarch Revolt mellowed into "live-and-let-live" schtick. So basically leftist libertarian vampires who keep their Humanity, and simply live free.

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They are now what the Sabbat were, what they aren't now, and what they should have remained as. They have a serious influence in California, and used to control Russia until Baba Yaga awakened. They are making a great come back in BJD, with many elders deciding to establish their own free states, such as Marcus Vitel a former prince and Lasombra Antitribu, having sold Washington D.

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Assamites, Followers of Set, Ravnos and Giovanni are considered independent clans, due to not being affilated with any sect. They share one common feature: All of these clans revere their Antediluvians, alienating them from the Camarilla, who incorrectly believes they do not exist, and the Sabbat, who hates the Antediluvians with gusto. Existing outside of the regular Sect and Clan structure by either choice or lack of knowledge.

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Sometimes they stick to living on the fringes of civilization, while others set up shop in smaller towns and villages. If someone is a Autarkis, expect them to be either really weak vampires, or overwhelmingly strong ones. The Assamites calls the Autarkis among their ranks "The Dispossessed. The Inconnu are a bunch of Illuminati-on-Steroids-crossed-with-Obfuscate grade conspirators. They have Monitors, who are vampires seeking Golconda and manipulate things behind the scenes.

Members include a Malkavian who helped in the sacking of Constantinople back in , the Prince of Switzerland and Liechtenstein Guillaume and even Vlad Tepes himself. Another such member is the Monitor of Istanbul, Mahatma, is a 4th generation Cappadocian who was trained in the way of Golconda by none other than Saulot himself.

He now keeps an eye on Istanbul, training those whom he finds promising in the ways of Golconda while destroying those who pose a threat to the city's status quo or those who would draw attention from the Inquisition.

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Mahatma acts via intermediaries to do so, and even has an agent in the Prince's court. Istanbul is a complete cosmopolitan mess, with Sabbat tolerated amongst the Camarilla majority and even has some D'habi, the Baali Revenant family maintaining an estate somewhere along the Bosphorus which would probably explain the strange, seemingly unused mansions along the coast IRL. So whatever the fuck those Inconnu are up to is some kind of bizarre mix of extreme vampiric political correctness, a weird experiment or utter ineptitude.

During the First Anarch Revolt the leaders of the Inconnu, the Council of Twelve, were out of options and as such saw themselves forced to summon a demon.

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The lucky fiend was Nikanuuranu, an Earthbound Fiend who agreed to a pact: mass human sacrifice and a drop of Vitae every year. This in turn results in the use of the Demon using its powers in the form of Portals 5 and Light 5 to hide Hunedora from sight and from being physically reached in order to protect the place. It's a pretty sweet gig: not only does Nikanuuranu have access to eight dots of all the Disciplines possessed by the Council of Twelve, he has a yearly massive donation of Faith this is where the strength of the pact comes from: not from the powerful Vitae of the Twelve.

On top of that, if one of the twelve pacters leave the castle grounds for any reason they have 10 minutes to get back. If they fail they immediately suffer Final Death. Of course, one wonders how such a heinous pact involving mass murder which is pretty much a minimum 3 on sin scale, more likely 1 does not degenerate the vampires' Humanity to zero, who should be keeping it minimally 7 for even an attempt of Golconda Each Antediluvian made vampires of their own. These tended to carry curses put on them by Caine for the lulz. Also note that it is possible for clan members to join a group different from what the majority of their clan follows.

Not all Toreador follow the Camarilla, as an example. But a lot do. And oh, you better believe shit will hit the fan for you if your clan is nearly all part of a Sect.

1stclass-ltd.com/wp-content/gps/141-whatsapp-blaue-haken.php Prepare to be laughed at if you're a Ventrue who tries to go Anarch, unless you have powerful connections since you'll have to set a hierarchy because of your nature. And God help you if you're a Tzimisce in anything but the Sabbat They are Middle Eastern Assassins who are scholars and noble vampires who look out for the weak, protect the homelands When they don't commit diablerie, they just freeload on other vampire's blood regardless. Not only is this addictive it also leads to being Blood Bound by drinking from the same vampire thrice.

Of course nobody says they're retards for doing it because they're good at killing vampires and drinking your target dry makes slavery moot. They need vampire blood because they were hunting down demon-Worshiping Baali vampires, and did it so well the Baali summoned the Decani, the 36 aspects of Namtaru, a fallen demon associated with disease and decay. And got cursed by the Tremere too somewhere along the way. Yeah, they tend to attract a lot of curses for a reason. Naturally, they use this to paint a story of wrongful persecution. That's their official excuse, anyway.

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Putting an End to the Masquerade - is the sense of Moonlight Masquerade A Regency Masquerade is the key book of The Valentines Masquerade Masquerade. Putting an End to the Masquerade. I like Moonlight Masquerade A Regency Masquerade Yes, you get The Valentines Masquerade Masquerade Series Book.

Weirdly, they get blacker instead of paler as they age; the elders look like statues carved out of obsidian. This caused a division in the clan, with those who wished to worship God or wanted to stay the fuck away from Ur-Shulgi made their way to sects such as Camarilla and Sabbat, or becoming Autarkis, their sorcerers giving no small trouble to Tremere. Drawing on both the Lost Boys and Buffy tradition of scumbag vampires and a more romantic, Byronic tradition in freedom through wanton depravity.

The Brujah are thugs, anarchists, revolutionaries, and other downtrodden, or people who were so inclined before they got the power to do all they dreamed about. Carthage was originally a grand, mostly-successful social experiment of theirs for a human-vampire Eden, then the Ventrue either crushed it out of jealousy or led a series of regretfully unavoidable wars to cleanse both Carthage and the Brujah themselves of Baali infestation, which already made Carthage hell on earth. The old Brujah were scholastic thinkers with powers to punch the shit out if you and would be considered intellectuals.

Is eating red meat OK, after all? Probably not

Just don't tell them Carthage was no utopia but infested by Baali so much even other entities like mages took notice. The new Brujah are like those punk teenagers who wear Che Guevara t-shirts but have no idea about the politics or reality of Marxism, except they can also beat you to death with your own car when they want to shut you down when you start winning the argument. Generally considered rabble by others, they form the backbone and the majority in the Anarch movement. Did some major shit in history with Carthage, and haven't do shit since.

Sure, they managed to carve out California and some adjacent territory as the Anarch Free State, where no Camarilla or Sabbat could tread easily. Then the Kuei-Jin decided to roll into town like a motherfucker, and the Free State got mangled pretty bad. The complete opposite of getting shit done. One of their subclans, an African Legacy, need a controlling hand or authority of sorts in a city or they resort to indulging in activities like rape and murder.

This clan's mainstream belief is that Set was the progenitor of all Kindred, which is fucking stupid, but then again considering the other theories some have postulated for why vampirism exists, it's not THAT bad a theory and hey, there are actual, honest to Ra mummies kicking around the WoD, so it has some legs.

The most popular and well-known legend goes like this. Straight from the revised clanbook, here it is. In the ancient times when the gods lived on Earth and ruled Egypt directly, the sun-god Ra grew old and decided to retire. Ra chose his great-grandson Osiris as his heir and successor.