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What Makes It Rain?
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But an often overlooked factor in the global climate system is rainfall at sea. The heat that causes water to evaporate is released into the atmosphere when that water condenses. Ground-based radar has limited range, and gauges on islands or buoys can only give scattered readings.

Complementary studies

One proposed solution is to use satellite-based radar that can detect the ripples and splashes caused by the falling raindrops. To evaluate this method, Liu et al. They found that when the rainfall increased, as measured by the ground radar, so did the backscattering radar signature from space—but only to a point. When the rainfall increased to monsoon-like levels—specifically, at a rate of 2.

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To determine exactly what it was that the radar was detecting, the authors also captured super-slow-motion footage of water droplets impacting a tank of water. The authors hope these results will help scientists interpret space-based radar data in order to better measure the effects of rainfall at sea and improve our understanding of its place in the broader climate system. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans , doi Published on 19 February News 27 September Science Update 20 September News 13 September Conditions again favored the fungus: cool, wet weather and ripe hosts.

With onion blast, leaves develop white spots, then start to shrivel, making photosynthesis kind of tricky.

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Our onion bulbs themselves weren't damaged, just smaller. And the tomatoes?

Yet another moisture-loving fungus gave our first generation early blight, wiping out the plants' lower leaves. Look down our rows of tomatoes, and the first foot or so is brown, shrively bad news.

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Wikiquote has quotations related to: Rain. Main article: Desert. Unionville, Maryland , USA. Environmental refugees: An emergent security issue. Therefore, one way to saturate a parcel of air is to cool it.

But the plants are recovering nicely, growing up green and bearing fruit, and the second and third generations are as yet unscathed. At least we're not facing the dangerous late blight, which caused the Irish potato famine. All the rain has created other problems, too, like fungus gnats in the greenhouse, threatening the leeks.

Rain and Precipitation

But we've adapted, planted more leeks, and reworked our schedules for seeding beans and corn when it's too wet to till first. There's always squash to harvest. The damp soil has made our round varieties grow so fast that if we don't pick them every other day, they'll get pumpkin-sized and mushy. Last week I piled up the castoffs to make a summer-squash snowman out in the field.

When Rain Falls on Cherry Season

It's nice to work in cool mist, but I'm hoping July will be hot and dry. Not only will the crops do well, but I won't sink up to my shins in mud. Or get the truck stuck in a swampy ditch.

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And I can do more of what makes my neighbor Miranda feel like a character in a laundry-detergent commercial: look up at the sunny sky as I hang clothes out on the line. We want to hear what you think about this article.

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